Key Technology

based on our key technology and capability, we can supply chiral compounds, including non-natural amino acids, chiral alcohols and chiral amines, on a kg to ton scale.

1. Homogeneous Asymmetric Hydrogenations
Asymmetric hydrogenation is one of the most environmentally friendly and economic techno- logies to manufacture chiral intermediates and APIs.  Chiral Quest has developed a range of highly efficient catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation and has applied them for com-mercial scale manufacture.
Many active pharmaceutical ingredients are single enantiomers, but the effect of their enantiomers may be significantly different, i.e.  in some cases the undesired isomer is benign, but for others, the undesired isomer can be toxic.Therefore, it’s important to manufacture single enantiomer intermediates with high selectivity.
2 New Generation Of Asymmetric Hydrogenation Catalysts
 Advantage of our catalyst 
 High Activity: High Substrate / Catalyst Ratio  >10,000 High Selectivity: > 99% ee ;  Low Pressure: < 150 psi ; Broad  Substrate Applicability; Resistant To Substrate Impurities; Robust Practical Ligand Synthesis (Both Enantiomers)  

Catalysts made on  Kg scale for our manufacturing requirements

>30 kg of DuanPhos made to support manufacturing
Broad Applicability of Chiral Quest Tech. on Chiral Compounds
We can synthesize most of the chiral compound using our chiral catalyst Box, chiral amine, chiral alchol, and Chiral amino acid were obtained with high quality.


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