CDMO Business Model



Phase I clinical trials/Pilot
Phase II clinical trials/Process
Phase III clinical trials/Validation

Our state-of-the-art R&D facility houses over 100 R&D chemists who utilize cutting-edge techniques in organic chemistry and purification technologies.

Our innovative chemists specialize in developing cost-effective and safe methods for synthesizing intermediates. These intermediates play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless transition when processes are transferred to our FDA-inspected manufacturing facility. We provide support for customer intermediates at various stages, including Pre-IND, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Launch.

We maintain regular communication throughout the project duration, allowing our customers to track the progress and stay updated with the latest developments.


Customized service

Efficient production / project management

Positive communication and updates


Quality & cost-driven process innovation

Established technology platforms

Efficient evaluation, costing and quotation system


On time and full delivery of in-specification products

Active after-sale service


Effective safety management system​s

Green production concept

Sustainability / Social responsibility

Enquiry to project rate is >70%.

More than 5,000 enquiries received.

Projects with top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.

Providing commercialized product to >50% of them.

CDMO Project Experience

40% of revenue from CDMO business.

In FY 2022, revenue increased by 50% compared with 2021.

More than 95% of projects successfully delivered, with >90% delivered on time and in full.  Low rate of customer complaints.


Commercial products


Products enter Phase III drug


 Products enter Phase I/II drugs


Products enter Preclinical drugs

CDMO Project Management
Project Management
Customer Support
Resources Management
Cost Management 
Production Management
1. Evaluation, project establishment and closure
2. Project follow-up / update / communication
3. Support with related documents
4. Coordinate related departments
1. Develop project procedure
2. Assign project task
3. Project Timeline Control
1. Collect project requirements
2. Equipment procurement
3. Coordinate / allocate resources
1. Cost assessment
2. Cost control
1.Coordinate R&D / plant
2.Coordinate production plan
3.Control production progress
Our Advantages

Broad technology platforms with

intellectual property protection.

More than 15 years’ experience in

​CDMO business, 

cost-efficient synthetic route design.

Manufacturing site with first class quality systems, 

integrated supply chain, continuous production capacity​.

Commercial production of a wide range of chiral alcohols, α- and β-amino acids, chiral amines and heterocyclic compounds.

Evaluation from a US based customer: 

"​One of the best advanced intermediate

​manufacturing sites in China".

Striving for superior quality and EHS, 

excellent customer service and communication