R&D Center

Our R&D center has an 8,000 of laboratory space which is built to international standards and is equipped with HPLC, GC, UPLC, Continuous Flow reactors, DSC, ARC, RC1mx, high throughput hydrogenation reactor and other advanced instruments. The R&D center carries out process development optimization from milligram to kilogram scale, along side process safety evaluation.

We provide CDMO services focusing on novel process development and optimization, as well as manufacturing of intermediates for new drugs, from preclinical to commercial. At early stages, we provide key intermediates to our customers supporting their early-stage development. We communicate with our customers to update  progress by regular emails, biweekly updates, and conference calls. Routes and processes are evaluated and discussed openly with our customers. After the drug is launched, we manufacture the key intermediates and RSMs with competitive cost to support our customers.

  • Analytic laboratory

  • Kilo Lab

  • Synthetic laboratory

Instrument and Equipment