Manufacturing Site

Our manufacturing site, Jiangxi LongLife Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is located in the Jinxian Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province. Covering an area of 166,650 square meters, our site is a leading company and a high-tech enterprise in the local area. We have eight workshops (including 1 hydrogenation workshop) and one clean room, with a total capacity of over 700,000 liters. By 2025, we plan to add 3 new workshops (including 1 new hydrogenation workshop).

Chiral Quest is one of the largest manufacturers of chiral API intermediates globally, employing asymmetric hydrogenation technology. We produce our own catalysts for use in our manufacturing processes. Our areas of expertise also include heterocyclic synthesis, cryogenic (-80℃) reactions, anhydrous anoxic reactions, biocatalysis, and flow chemistry.

Our manufacturing site has undergone inspections by the US-FDA and NMPA. Additionally, we have successfully completed over 300 customer audits. Since 2021, Jiangxi Longlife has been awarded the EcoVadis silver medal for two consecutive years.

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