Analytical Support
Modern and well equipped analytical Laboratories are available in R&D and at the manufacturing site.  A cGMP system is in operation and SOP’s are strictly implemented.

Modern And Well Equipped Analytical Laboratory (R&D Centre)
7 Agilent 1200 HPLCs
4 Waters 2695 HPLCs
2 Shimadzu 2010A HPLCs
1 Waters LCMS  
3  Agilent 7890A GCs
2 KF Moisture Testing Apparatus
1 Stability Chamber 

Modern And Well Equipped QC Laboratory  (Manufacturing site)
16 HPLCs
4 GCs (1 equipped with HS)
pH meter, melting point analyzer, etc.
- 2 Stability Chambers

QA and QC
The quality assurance department is the guardian of quality within the company.We have a team dedicated to the implementation of current and new ICH guidelines.  Highly qualified and experienced staff work in our modern and well equipped laboratories, in order to verify and certify the quality of our Products; we work in strict accordance with the most stringent worldwide quality standards, beginning with the raw materials all the way to the finished products.

Qualified and experienced personnel - cGMP system implemented.
Batch record control, change control and COA’s issued.
Stability studies are carried out on large volume products.
Analytical and process validations for commercial products.
Sample retention.


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