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Manufacturing Site at Jiang Xi Long Life Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (

Jiangxi Long Life Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Chiral Quest, is dedicated to research, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. The factory is located in Jinxian Industrial Park, Jiangxi province, and covers a total area of 108,000 , with more than 230 reaction vessels and 410,000 L capacity. More than 23 million US dollars was invested in 2013 to expand the plant and establish a cGMP capability.

Capacity On Manufacturing Site

Manufacturing Facility

- Jiang Xi Long Life, located in Jiangxi Province, P.R. China.
- New designed and built (2016):  
Land area 108,000, with 51,000 developed.
  Work shops=27,000
 and warehouse=8,300.
- >235 vessels from 50 L to 5,000 L in Phase I, II and III.
- >30 vessels in Phase IV expansion (GMP and acid resistant Workshops). 
- Phase I, II and III total >300,000 L volume and Phase IV total >150,000 L volume  capacity.
- High pressure vessels (500 L
x3,1000Lx4 and 2000 L  x4), up to 100 atm.
- Temperature range from -80
to 300 (Six vessels for -80, 100-2,000 L).
- 4 distillation column towers (to 0.1mmHg).
- Licenses for Toxic chemicals including:
  NaCN, Cl2, Me2SO4, POCl3, Cl-SO3H, ClCOOC2H5 and CH3SO2Cl.

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